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Blue Light theatre
Music & Lyrics;...Gene R. Strantz        vocal...Angelikie Bazigou aka Angel Bee
keyboard...Devin Thomas         cello...Yiorgos Kaloudis

Ding-a-Ling Farewell...blues
Music & Lyrics;...Gene R. Strantz        vocal...Angelikie Bazigou, aka Angel Bee
Guitar, Oud...Dimitris Jimmy Mahlis         Bass...Devin Thomas

Dawn of the Second Coming
Music & Lyrics & Performance... Gene R. Strantz.        Historical & special effects.

All Love Is Young
Music & Lyrics...Gene R. Strantz.        Vocal...Jennifer Hardaway.
Keyboard, Guitar...Devin Thomas.        Sax...Chris.

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Eugene R. Strantz


***Robert Graves had a wonderful way of explaining...actually, invocation through poetry.
You've done that with "Blue Light Theatre"...painted an extremely vivid picture.
Esther Valentine
Having had her music performed by herself and other artists in movies, comercials, and on television... Esther Valentine is a talent with fans on a world stage.

***Blue Light Theatre. Beautiful. Drivin' 'em crazy at work playing it.
Your artwork is truely awesome. And I would be most intrigued to read the rest of your novel. You are very talented.
I would love to purchase your CD.
My hubby was playing duets at a Gathering with Douglas Blue Feather. Doug just won the NAMMY for best independent recording.
I think of you with much fondness when I listen to your soul songs.
Morning Star Cloud

Blue Light Theatre
Gene R. Strantz
© 2003

Pantomime is now your entrée to a world of bright illusion...
wearing greasepaint on a stage at county fair.
You play drama with conviction and a carnival conclusion.
You are bound to be a sawdust star for sure. Yes, I'll always love my stardust star.

While you're working at Le Bistro serving Bouillabaisse and Bouchet
to a femme mystique who's wearing Garbo shades,
you're attentive in a cool way showing her a long devotion.
She will recognize a superstar in you. She will see you as a movie star.

So you line up to audition for a Blue Light Pub rendition
of a playful clown with candyfloss for hair.
That's the ticket of admission to a life with rich tradition.
Yes, you're bound to be a Broadway star for sure. You are going to be a Broadway star.

Chorus I
You walk the streets of Calcutta...like in a movie by Satyajit Ray.
You intrigue me, you seduce me, you inflame in me passions of a Gypsy with Budapest ways.

Chorus 2
You'll never dine alone when you go to Paris. You'll never sit alone on the banks of the Rhein.
You're a magical persuasion with a thousand different faces.
You embrace me like a mystery of my lover in a dream.

Chorus 2...Instrumental & Chant

As you ride upon a zephyr in a mirror of your longing...
there's a shadow on a silent, darkened stage.
No more rush from wings for encores. Hear the silence of a closing.
Even Gable had a final curtain call. Fame is fleeting like a shooting star.
Love embraces with a stardust song.

Gene Strantz

Twelfth Night
***Angelikie Bazigou, a native of Greece, is an artist of many dimensions.   She has performed internationally and in concerts with Mikis Theodorakis, Manos Hadjidakis and other luminaries.   Living in the United States, she further develops her artistic repertoire in Jazz, Musicals and Acting.   Her voice conveys emotional maturity and playfulness...enchanting entertainment***

Angelikie Bazigou

Angelikie Bazigou

Angelikie Bazigou***Angel Bee***

Angelikie Bazigou***Angel Bee***

Sound Stage





Blue Light Theatre


Angelikie Bazigou***Angel Bee***



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