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Viner Hand

Since the time human kind lived in caves, sound was a very important dimension to their existence. Sometimes it served to alert them to danger, erupting into primordial SCREAMS. At other times there could be heard coo-like utterances which flowered into the propagation of species. Eventually it evolved into expressions which became MUSIC........
Music of
G~I    Strantz

Music & Lyrics;...Gene R. Strantz
keyboard...Devin Thomas         Sax...Robert Kyle
Percussion & Special Effects...Gene Strantz

Craving Images       
Music & Lyrics;...Gene R. Strantz
vocal...Jamie Green
Percussion...Gene Strantz         Special Effects...Devin Thomas

Jamie Green
Standford Scholar, Dancer, Singer Songwriter, Cliodna

G~I    at WolfFair


Robert Kyle

Gene Strantz and guru Pimu


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Sound Stage
Blue Light Theatre
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Eugene R. Strantz

"Song for the Night"...painting...by David Johnson

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